Start page

On the start page the most important information related to the user can be accessed and overviewed.

The start page is usually customized (within the implementation process of Sweet One) to show correct and the most important information for the users. The start page can be customized to show different content for different users depending on their role, organization group or other user preferences.

The top of the start page contains some standard functionalities and settings that the users can access and control. By clicking the more button, the settings expand.


Log out

Users log out from Sweet One through the log out function in the menu on the start page.

Edit user settings

It is possible for the users to edit some of their user settings. Click edit in the menu on the start page.


It is possible to remove/upload the profile picture, log out and edit user settings from the edit view.

Beside the general information about user it is possible to change theme for layout and design of Sweet One. There are several themes in Sweet One where the layout and design differ, feel free to try all and choose the one which suits you best. The theme change is applied only for the specific user.

Change password

Changing password is only possible if form authentication log in is used. It is not possible to change password when using Office365 log in or Windows authentication. Password is changed in the menu on the start page.

Profile picture

Adding a profile picture can be an appreciated detail throughout the system. Profile picture is uploaded (or removed) from the menu on the start page.