Sweet One

Sweet One is a user-friendly CRM solution that supports your everyday needs and gives you a 360° view of your customer. It is easy to integrate with existing systems, and as an add-on, you can use Sweet Automation, a business process automation tool, to further develop and automate your business processes. Sweet offers a platform that is easy to use, allowing you to tailor your CRM solution to your specific needs and preferences. With its smart features, you can automate tasks in sales, marketing, and customer service, streamlining your ways of working and increasing your productivity. Choose Sweet to take your business to the next level!

Areas within Sweet One

  • Manage sales step by step with a clear pipeline
  • Handle offers in combination with Sweet forms
  • Predict income streams by using probabilty
  • Follow up with dashboards and powerful selections based on your needs
Case management:
  • Strong overview of ongoing cases with selections and pipeline management
  • Automatic e-mail replies and templates for quicker response
  • Easy collaboration and routing of cases to groups or users
  • Choose between pipeline, split view, or list view based on your preferences
  • Prioritize, categorize, and tag your cases for evaluation or follow-up
Field service:
  • Plan and project work orders and service appointments
  • Use multiple price books for different customers with individual pricing per article
  • Handle service on the field with a mobile-friendly solution
Project management
  • Project management for planning projects with resource allocation, scheduling as well as time reporting for follow-up
Time and expense reports:
  • Register time reports and add attestation when needed
  • Report your expenses and get them confirmed
  • Set your overall marketing plan and register all kinds of marketing activities
  • Create call lists
  • Connect an e-mail marketing provider for sending newsletters or other customer communication

And more