HTML editor

Sweet One provides HTML editor for managing content that can be published or sent. HTML editor is placed wherever content can be edited: on e-mails, cases and information post (which can be published and shown in the external portal).


After clicking on the pen icon above the text field in Sweet One the html editor toolbar is visible.

** Email and Cases have html toolbar visible by default.



The source code function gives you the opportunity to edit the HTML code hidden by the editor view. If you know HTML and CSS you can easily create your own styled content or restyle pasted content.


Copy and paste from other sources

With HTML-editor you have the option to paste content from other sources into Sweet One and keep the formatting. Such sources can be:

  • Word - pasted as html
  • Power Point - pasted as an image
  • Outlook - pasted as html
  • Gmail - pasted as html etc.

** some images copied from Outlook or Word app will be broken when pasting into the html - editor.

This content is pasted from Power Point. In this case the content becomes an image in the new feed.


This content is pasted from an email. In this case the content will be pasted as html markup, this means that you can keep the source format in the new feed.


HTML editor in Sweet One

With the new editor available in Sweet One it is possible to copy and paste texts from e.g. other sources and still keep the same formatting, as well as creating your own formatted text

HTML editor on cases

Now you can use the HTML editor on case notes. The sent email, when saving the note on the case with ‘save and send’ button, will look exactly as the saved note on case.

With the help of the template you can use your own email signature on case notes.

HTML editor on Emails

The HTML editor works also on Email, you can create and view styled emails and use your own email signatures.


HTML editor for templates

You can easily create styled templates, for example, the custom signatures with dynamic data.


Create an email signature template for your company which automatically fills in the user name, phone number, email address and others.

HTML editor for the information post

Create fine looking content for the information post.


HTML editor for the telemarketing and event activity

You can now use the HTML editor on the description field of both the telemarketing activity and the event activity.

You can, for example, create a good looking telemarketing scripts.