Sweet Forms

Looking for a way to streamline your form and survey process while saving time and effort? Look no further than Sweet Forms! Our cutting-edge platform replaces the outdated, time-consuming process of manual form handling with a seamless, user-friendly interface that makes creating, publishing, and automating your forms a breeze.

With Sweet Forms, you can easily create professional-grade forms and surveys with just a few clicks, and even make it look like your branding. Our intuitive design tools allow you to customize every aspect of your form to perfectly match your brand and messaging, and our powerful automation features ensure that your data collection is both accurate and effortless.

And that’s not all! With Sweet Forms, you can easily connect your forms to external data sources, pre-populating them with existing data and setting up e-signature fields for multiple parties. Plus, our easy-to-use follow-up tools make it simple to access and analyze your answer sets, allowing you to make informed decisions and take action quickly.

So why wait? Contact us to get Sweet Forms today and start revolutionizing the way you handle forms and surveys! With our advanced features, powerful automation tools, and unparalleled ease of use, Sweet Forms is the ultimate solution for any business looking to streamline their data collection and optimize their workflow.


Sweet Digital forms - What you get
  • A Do It Yourself tool to create a fully digital form where you are the master of both the content and layout.
  • E-signing and authentication: Possibility to connect form with e-signing providers for both authentication and digital singing (Scrive, Signe, Signicat).
  • Verification of input using rules and validation of format, content etc. A third part data provider can be used to check the validity of data.
  • Visibility rules giving the user an individually customized number of questions to be answered, based on given responses and outcomes.
  • Pre-populate data, when you have data about the user that would save them time filling in a form – make sure to use it in a secure way that creates efficiency.
  • PDF versions of the form
  • And more

Add our tool Sweet Automation to your digital forms, and you have a winning combination where efficiency is guaranteed.