The form designer can decide if a form needs authentication with BankID before opening Sweet Form to answer a form.

Sweet Forms supports 2 authentication providers: Scrive and Signicat. To use the authentication provider functionality, you need to have an account provided by one of these providers. Each connection is individual and information about credentials and/or token must be given by your provider.

When you have an account, you can connect Scrive or/and Signicat as Authentication Provider by adding the correct credentials under Admin - Connections.


To test authentication functionality user must prepare the correct form.

  1. Open ‘Form Designer’ and ‘Create New’
  2. Add ‘Form name’, page 1, section 1
  3. Add a Freetext question - social security number
  4. Go to settings (under ‘Form’ in the main view)
  5. Select ‘Authentication’
  6. Check in ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Use external provider’
  7. Under ‘Authentication provider’ select the provider you want to use
  8. Under Authentication behaviour, choose the behaviour you want to use
  9. Select the Authentication method
  10. Click on Add Authentication Party
  11. Drag and drop the Social security number question into the input field
  12. Publish the form


Authentication provider - user can choose between Signicat and Scrive authentication providers

Authentication behaviour

  • require match - means that only the person with the personal number which was prefilled will be able to access the form. If no personal number was prefilled, nobody can access the form
  • prefill when empty and require match - means that anyone (every personal number) can answer the form as long as the person can authenticate with BankId with the authentication selected
Authentication Method -
  1. Scrive - users can choose between authenticating with Swedish BankID, Norwegian BankID, Finnish Trust Network, Verimi eID, Dutch iDIN, Belgian Mobile ID, PIN by SMS, Onfido, Freja eID, Danish MitID, Baltic SmartID, Danish NemID, Danish NemID or MitID
  2. Signicat - users can choose more than one authentication method. Users can choose both Swedish and Norwegian BankID.

Add authentication party - the user can add an unlimited number of authenticating parties. Each party needs to have its own free-text question with a social security number. Users can remove the party by using the ‘remove party’ button.