Sweet Automation

Automate, integrate and digitize your business processes with Sweet Automation


We created Sweet Automation because business process automation is shaping the future of the workplace. It gives organizations of any size the flexibility to quickly and easily automate their business processes, and change them easily as demands are changing. With Sweet Automation, you can streamline and automate complex tasks, increase productivity and efficiency, and give your teams more time to focus on more value creating activities.

Sweet Automation can make your business run smarter and more efficiently - no matter the department. It can handle inbound marketing, automate sales assignments, streamline customer onboarding, your after market proccesses or optimize customer service. It can even help with HR operations, freeing up time and freeing up resources so you can focus on growth. Sweet Automation is the key to many of our customers success stories. Curious to read more? Find the stories here.

Sweet Automation - The Ultimate Business Process Automation Tool

Sweet Automation is more than just a business process automation tool - it’s an integrations engine, a marketing automation tool, a data analyzing tool, and much more. It can help you integrate processes and workflows, validate third-party data, and automatically update your CRM. It can also analyze customer behavior and make decisions based on predefined conditions.

Some of the ways Sweet Automation can help streamline your business processes include:
  • Digital Onboarding: Integrate the processes and workflows in your digital onboarding process with third-party data validation and automatically update your CRM with the results.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze behaviors or target customer groups based on predefined conditions and automatically make decisions and take actions on the results.
  • Streamlined Processes: Gather several data sources and merge them into one streamlined process.
  • Marketing Automation: Handle your marketing automation sendouts, follow-up, and analysis in one place and connect it to your customer database. Based on the outcome of a marketing sendout, the rules engine can decide what to do next for you.
  • IoT Integration: Connect your IoT devices or read the signals of machines automatically, define how to act when certain limits are reached, and create a chain of automatic actions such as alerts, reminders, or business opportunities.

Above described user cases can strech from very simple, to fairly advanced and therefore requires no coding experience to developer skills depending on the complexity - hower Sweet Automation can be used by all.

Experience many benefits of automation:
  • Reduce time to market
  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage
  • Digitize business processes
  • Increase your flexibility with digital business rules
  • Improve quality and reliability – automation is precise and repeatable
  • Allow new business opportunities
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

With Sweet Automation, you can automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions in real-time. Try Sweet Automation today and experience the ultimate business process automation tool.

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