BestPractice_003 Monitoring

Report errors

We recommend setting up a simple monitoring and reporting of errors that may occur in the flows. This can be done very easily via the existing selection template FlowActionLog.

Therefore, we have created a standard flow that can be used for this purpose called Send ActionLog.


This flow uses the standard template “FlowActionLog”. The only thing you need to do here is to configure your export action that can pick out all errors to a file and send it to those who manage the monitoring.


  1. Ensure you have a connection for your SMTP-server that could be used for sending out e-mails. A simple setup of your connection is to only add the “Host” for your smtp-server. The connection type should be “smtp”, the name you decide yourself.
  2. Open up the export action. Configure as shown above. Save and Close.
  3. Activate the flow and schedule it to appropriate intervals.

The first time, a large lump can be picked out and sent. This can be the first “test” that the e-mail goes away and that the recipients can receive the e-mail and open the file.

Next time, only errors that have occurred since the last run will be sent. The selection template can be fine-tuned to get a more accurate error log.

The same setup can be done with the “Send ExceptionLog” flow.


It may be that your company has blocked your application server to send email. This should therefore be opened up. Contact your security department and they will help you open up the server.