dealSymbol Deals

Deals are used for managing business opportunities. Relate different customers, register sales activities and update the information during the sale process. Secure the deal and follow it up with our pipeline, selection or dashboard functionality. Create a project directly from the deal in order to continue support of the implementation phase.

Registered deals are shown and can be found in:

  • Start page – the deal pipe tab
  • Deal pipeline – as submenu under Deals in side menu (see more info further down)
  • Selection – The selection template for deals can be used to search and filter for deals.
  • Search – the search function in the top bar can always be used to search for deals. The deal can be found by searching for customer’s or contact’s name or deal’s name.

Deals pipeline


Pipeline is placed under deals in the side menu.

The pipeline has a separated column for every status. Total number of deals as well as the total summarized value for each status is shown in the column’s header.

The pipeline contains wide filter functionality and sorting options e.g. by estimating closing date, last updated or register date.

The pipeline has a drag-and-drop function for changing status (the function is not available on phone).

Deals are presented as boxes in the pipeline. Each box contain the following information:

  • Subject and deal’s sum
  • Related company
  • Dates of registration and the last updated date
  • Estimated closing date
  • Overdue – Deals highlighted in red (red line on the left side of box) have an estimated closing date that has passed.

Create a new deal

New deals can be created from:

  1. The submenu under Create new in the side menu
  2. From other objects – under the more menu in the action bar


The new editable window opens and the user can register information about the deal. Fields with asterisk (*) are required, after saving, the deal’s page opens. The user who created the deal will, by default, be set as a responsible and other relations can be inherited from the object the deal was created from.

Work with deals

The deal view contains three different parts: header, action bar and tabs.




In the deal’s action bar the following functionality is available:

insert Insert symbol – attache files to the deal which will be listed under the Document tab on the deal card

tag Tag symbol – set and edit tags on the deal

more More menu – additional functionality such as adding relation to other objects or creating new ones.



Relations – the list shows companies, objects and persons related to the deal. New relations are added under the More menu button in the action bar. If a user is related to a deal by someone else, the user gets a new notification visible in the upper right-hand side corner.

Work order - the list shows all work orders related to the deal

Activities – the list shows all the activities related to the deal

Forms – the tab shows all the available form templates published on the object. To start a new form from a template, click on it. The list shows both ongoing (can be opened to continue) and finished forms (can only be previewed). The PDF icon enables to download the form (in PDF format). The bin icon enables to delete a form. The envelop icon enables the user to send a form with an e-mail (sent as PDF attachment).

Document – the list shows the uploaded files to the deal

Notes – the list of all the notes written on the deal. It is possible to create new notes (internal or external) as well as edit and remove the existing ones.

See also

in order to delete the deal the user has to have feature Delete