calendarIcon Calendar and Outlook connection

Thanks to calendar integration in Sweet the user can efficiently synchronize Outlook and Sweet calendars. There is no need for double registration of appointments, simply save the appointment in Outlook/Sweet and information will be synchronized and saved in both Outlook and Sweet calendar.

Sweet Office 365 integration allows users to access and manage their Outlook calendar directly in Sweet One. The calendar in Sweet One shows both the Outlook appointments and Sweet activities. No data connected to the Outlook appointment is automatically saved or synchronized with Sweet, it only presents the reflection of the Outlook calendar. The user can, however, choose to save an Outlook appointment into Sweet as an activity. The appointment activity is created and the relations are matched with e-mail addresses existing in the system. It is also possible to save an appointment created in Sweet directly to the Outlook calendar with possibility to send the invitation to the participants.


For Outlook calendar integration you must have Sweet Office365 integration set up.

Calendar view

The general view of the Sweet calendar is similar to what we are used to in Outlook.


The calendar in Sweet can, to some degree, be adapted to your personal preferences.

Appointments from Outlook as wee as Sweet activities (appointments, calls and tasks) are shown by default in the calendar. Ir is possible to hide Sweet activities or Outlook appointments in the calendar by unselecting (clicking) one source in the upper right-hand side corner.


In the upper right-hand side corner, you can also choose between monthly, weekly (with or without weekends) or daily calendar view.


In the upper left-hand side corner, there is a filter button, refresh button and the reset filter button. You can hide the filter fields by clicking on the filter symbol.



In the Sweet calendar general information about the activities is presented.


Time and subject are shown directly in the calendar while additional information is available while hoovering over the appointment.


Sweet activities in the calendar are marked with an icon reflecting the activity type (appointment, phone call or task)


Appointments in the calendar can be shown in three different ways depending on status of synchronization between Outlook and Sweet.

  1. Green activities with black text – activities created in Sweet and NOT saved in Outlook


  1. Green activities with blue text – appointments that are both in Sweet and Outlook and are connected


Blue activities – appointments in Outlook that are not saved in Sweet.


Create new activity from calendar in Sweet

To create a new activity, the user simply clicks on a period of time in the calendar (for instance the 4th of September at 8:00 a.m.), selects the type of activity that is about to be created and fill in information.


The user can create three different kinds of activities in the calendar: new appointment, new task and new call. Only appointments can be saved into Outlook.

inviteIcon View another user’s calendar

In order to view another user’s calendar or a group of users calendars you have to select a person or a group from the list and click the update button. updateIconSmall

The name of the added user appears next to your name and is marked with a different colour in the calendar.


It is also possible to remove your calendar (or other selected user) bu clicking the bin icon in the search filter.


It is always possible to go back to the original view by clicking the reset filter button. resetFilterSmall

saveOutlook Save Outlook appointment into Sweet

Outlook appointments (the blue ones in the calendar) can be saved as Sweet appointments. To do so, just click selected Outlook appointment in the calendar.


A preview of the appointment is shown where you can choose to Save and open or just Save the appointment. In both cases the appointment is saved in Sweet and occurs as a green activity (with blue text) in the Sweet calendar.

What information is saved in Sweet?

The following information and data from Outlook are saved into the new appointment in Sweet:

  • Subject
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • E-mail addresses of participants in Outlook will be matched to users, contact persons, private persons and companies in Sweet. Relations to matched objects will be added to the appointment and unmatched email-addresses will be listed as email addresses in the Relation tab. Unmatched e-mail addresses can be converted into a contact person or private person.
  • Attachments
  • Up to 10 matched users


Recurring appointments in Outlook cannot be saved into the Sweet calendar.

update Update appointment in Outlook

When a connected appointment is updated or changed in Outlook calendar the appointment in Sweet will automatically be updated. The following information is automatically updated:

  • Subject
  • Data and time
  • Location
  • Additional text (description in Sweet)
  • Participants -new attendees added in Outlook will be added in Sweet. If any attendees have been removed in Outlook that relation will NOT automatically be deleted on the appointment in Sweet.

Cancelled appointments in Outlook

If a connected appointment is cancelled in Outlook it will be shown as ‘not connected’ in Sweet. Any changes or updates on the appointment in Sweet will not be synchronized to the canceled appointment in Outlook.

save Save Sweet appointment into Outlook

When creating a new appointment in Sweet, it is possible to either save appointment or save in Outlook. When selecting save the appointment will be saved as an activity in Sweet with no connection to Outlook. When selecting save in Outlook the appointment will be saved as an activity in Sweet and it will be saved (synchronized) in Outlook.


If an appointment has been saved only in Sweet there is always the possibility to save it in Outlook. Just click on the Outlook symbol in the action bar on the appointment card and select save in Outlook option - the appointment will be saved into Outlook.


An appointment that has been saved into Outlook and is connected is marked with an Outlook icon in the header.


What information is saved into Outlook

  • Subject
  • Data and time
  • Location
  • Description - is added as an additional text in Outlook
  • Participants (relations) - when saving an appointment from Sweet into Outlook invitations can be sent out to the related participants. Read more about this in next section.
  • Attachments

Invite participants

When saving an appointment in Sweet into Outlook it is possible to choose if invitations shall be sent to any participants related to the appointment. The system generates the question, if selecting yes - a pop-up is opened where the user can select to whom the invitation shall be sent.



The pop-up lists all objects related to the appointment (users, contacts, private person, companies, company groups).

As the responsible user and the organizer of the appointment (in Outlook) you are by default set as invited. Related contacts/private persons are by default selected as recipient of the invitation.By selecting/unselecting relations you choose to whom the invitation will be sent.

Any participant with invalid e-mail address will be marked with red invalid email tag.


Documents and files uploaded to the appointment will be listed and send with invitation. If you do not want to send any of listed files, you need to remove the relation between the file and the appointment by clicking on bin icon. You can also upload a new attachment to the invitation by using the paper clip symbol, located in the upper left-hand side corner of the pop-up.

Click create/update invite when the selection of participants and attachments is completed. An Outlook invitation will be sent from the user’s Outlook account to which the invited attendees can respond.

If you have a connected appointment where you have not yest sent out invitations or if you have added participants in Sweet to an appointment where you already have sent the invitations, you can always send or update invitations from the action bar on the appointment.


You can always check to whom the invitation had been sent and to whom it should be send by reopening it from the Outlook icon symbol.


See also

In the appointment header you can see if an appointment is connected to Outlook (a green or grey icon is visible next to the activity icon) connectedIconSmall


The invitation is sent as a regular Outlook appointment invitation from the user’s Outlook account. The invitation will look as a standard appointment invitation but can differ depending on the recipient’s calendar application and used device. Below there are some examples of how it can look like for different recipient.


update Update appointment in Sweet

When a connected appointment is updated or changed in Sweet the appointment in Outlook will NOT be automatically updated.

The appointment in Sweet will be marked with an inactive Outlook icon indicating that the appointment is not currently updated in Outlook (the Outlook icon will be grey).

updated Updated notUpdated Not updated

To update the appointment and save the new information into Outlook you need to click Update to Outlook. That is done under the Outlook function in the action bar on the appointment. updateToOutlook

The following information is updated into Outlook:

  • Subject
  • Data and time
  • Location
  • Documents and files
  • Participants - if any participants have been added in Sweet you can choose if you want to send invitations to them. Any deleted participants in Sweet will NOT automatically be removed from the appointment in Outlook.
  • Description - the description field in Sweet will update the additional text box in Outlook.

delete Delete appointments in Sweet

When you delete the connected appointment from Sweet you can choose to delete it from Sweet or from both Sweet and Outlook.


If you choose to delete the appointment from both Sweet and Outlook, a cancellation mail will be sent to the participants and they will see the appointment as cancelled in their Outlook calendar..

If you choose to delete the appointment from Sweet only, the Sweet appointment is deleted but the appointment in Outlook is NOT removed. The Outlook appointment stays in Outlook as it is and will, therefore, also be shown in the Sweet calendar as a blue activity.

disconnect Disconnect appointment in Sweet from Outlook

A connected appointment can be disconnected if you, for example, want to follow up and add information to the appointment that you don’t want to share with the attendees through Outlook. This can be the case when you want to upload meeting notes after the appointment has taken place.

To disconnect an appointment in Sweet from Outlook, click the Outlook icon function in the action bar on the appointment and select disconnect from Outlook.


The appointment will still be shown as it was in the Outlook calendar but no updates from Sweet will be saved.

The appointment will appear twice in the Sweet calendar, one blue for the Outlook appointment and one green for the Sweet appointment.

It is possible to connect the two appointments again if needed, either from the Outlook appointment by saving it in Sweet or from the Sweet appointment by saving it in Outlook.