Owerview_000 Overview

Sweet Automation is a platform that builds on the idea of Business Automation and aims to support and simplify the work of digitizing and automating business processes. Sales, marketing, customer service, internal processes as well as information from machines or any other products can be automated with the help of Sweet Automation.


The platform contains the following functional areas:

  • Selection Tools
  • Flow Management
  • Business Rule Engine
  • Actions
  • Dashboards
  • Links

GUI_000 User interface

Drag and Drop

Sweet Automation is a product based on “drag and drop” functionality, thanks to this functionality your work is saved it is easier to build selection criteria and flows in a quick and effective way.


Thanks to “autosave” functionality your work is saved automatically which makes it easier to build flows and selection in a quick and more effective way. However, there are certain dialogues where the changes must be saved, for example, when you must save information to another system, (“save” button is clearly visible in those cases).

Main page

In the central part of the main page you can see the overall picture of your selected item, such as the rules for a selection template, etc.


Setting dialog

At the right-hand side in Sweet Automation there is a window for settings that can be opened or hidden depending on user’s need. This window shows the settings for the item or action you have chosen to open.


Popup dialogs existing in earlier versions of Sweet Automation, were replaced with new side panel in order to improve visibility on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

Start page

On your home page you will find standard buttons with direct links to Sweet Automation documentation and to the Sweet Systems support page where you can easily create a support case. On the start page you can also see the latest items you worked with, divided into selection and flows.


User profile

At the top-right corner of the screen there is a button displaying the logged in user’s profile. Here personal information such as: name, e-mail, telephone number, etc. can be updated.