Cert_000 Certifications

Want to become a certified user for Sweet Automation?

You can take 4 different tests to become a certified user:

  • Sweet Automation User. Is the certification that all users should take. It includes the basics of the system on how to make selection and build flows.
  • Sweet Automation Superuser. Is an extension of the basic certificate “Sweet Automation User” but with a focus on more advanced functions.
  • Sweet Automation Administration. Is the certification for administrators of the system. Learn how to upload users, create data sources, etc.
  • Sweet Automation Developer. Is the certification for you who want to build your own measures in Sweet Automation.

To start a test. Click the link for the test you want to do. The test will be done in Sweet Forms, fill in your details and start the test. When you have finished the test, you will immediately be able to see if you passed it. You will also receive an e-mail with your result, if you pass the test you will also receive a diploma proving that you are certified. Good luck.

Sweet Automation User

This is the certification for those who want to learn the basics of Sweet Automation. How to create selection and flows.

Sweet Automation Superuser

This is the certificate for those who want to be “Superuser”. Learn the advanced features of the selection tool and feeds, as well as having good customer knowledge about all the actions.

Sweet Automation Administration

This is the certificate for those who want to become an administrator in the system. Here you should be able to create users, update ledgers, build new data sources etc.

Prerequisites for this test is that you should first have taken the certificate for “Sweet Automation User”.

Sweet Automation Developer

This certification focuses on those who want to lead developer of Sweet Automation actions. Easily create new actions in the administration tool, use existing settings and captions etc.

Here it is recommended that you first take the certification for Sweet Automation User och Sweet Automation Administration.