The selection lists enable users to make fast and flexible search. By combining search criteria - reports can be created for further processing.

The main selection menu in Sweet One is placed in the side menu and it is divided into different, object related sub-menus, for instance contacts or companies. Each sub-menu has one or more selection templates, if several there are divided by tabs. In certain cases like: deals, activities and cases - selection can be placed as a sub-menu under other sections.


Selection has templates for: companies, company groups, contacts, contacts without consent, private persons, private persons without consent, deals, projects, cases, activities, outlook appointments, work orders, service appointments and documents.

While working with selection list there is the possibility to:

  • edit the grid for quick update of information
  • use actions for mass update (e.g: add and change responsible user/set status/add and remove tags/export to excel and send file directly to recipient by email)
  • add new items directly in the list
  • create, save and share reports (selection templates) - Here you can read more
  • edit filter and column options - Here you can read more

A selection template has two main parts, the filter and the result list.


Filter - in the filter part you set the search criteria, enable actions for result lists, change options, activate editable grid mode and do excel export.

Result list - the result list is a grid where the result of the selection is presented. The list has edit and action functionality which are activated from the filter more menu.



By setting the requested filter criteria and clicking on refresh button the selection is made and the result is presented in the result list.


In the upper left-hand side corner there is the:

  • Filter button - you can open and close the filter by clicking on the filter symbol

  • Refresh button - you have to use the refresh button every time the new search is requested

  • Reset filter button - latest search criteria are saved by default, the reset button sets the filter to the initial state

  • Edit button - allows to edit info directly in the list, Here you can read more

  • Excel button - function for exporting the results to excel file or sending it directly to recipient by email.

  • More button - expands additional functionality (Actions and Options)

    • read more about Options and how you can customize filters and columns Here you can read more
    • read more about Actions and how you can mass update items in the result list Here you can read more

There are five different types of filtering methods in selection:

  • free text - text string


  • number -figures or dates


  • multiple selection - select one or several options from the list. It is possible to search in a drop down by entering text


  • single selection - only one option can be selected


  • expandable tree view - the filter will display the hierarchy tree, which is expandable*, example: tags, marketing activity


*you cam filter, for example, by marketing activity. The list of marketing plans is visible, if you know on which marketing plan the marketing activity was created you can just follow the grid, if not it is possible to type in the name of the activity and filter will show the marketing plan to which this marketing activity is related.

Result list

The result of search made in selection is presented in a grid. It is possible to adjust the grid to personal preferences:

  • column width - changing the width of the columns is possible by dragging the border on the right-hand side of the column’s name.
  • sort order - clicking on the column headline, for example, the arrow will appear and the sort order can be set

Edit in grid

It is possible to set the result list in edit mode to edit information directly in the list.


When the list is in the Edit mode the first row in the list is highlighted in the grey background and the fields are editable. When you are done editing press the Save button or ‘tab’ to the next row.

Some fields may be mandatory and will be marked with a red asterisk. If you try to save without filling in these fields you will be reminded to do so. A red line will mark the incorrect fields.


Save fast with CTRL + S. Tab through fields

Add new item in list

Some (not all) selection lists have the functionality allowing adding new item directly in the list.


When clicking add new in top of the list, a registration form is expanded where the general information can be aded before saving.


It is possible to set the list in the action mode to perform actions for the selected rows in the more menu placed in the filter.


Different actions can be activated for different types of objects, some of the actions are:

  • set status
  • add responsible
  • change responsible
  • add tags
  • remove tags
  • save to sweet calendar (for appointments)
  • export selected rows to Excel
  • send email with selected rows as Excel attachment


When selecting rows you can press and hold ‘shift’ to select a range of rows or use the select all function in the bottom of the list.