Marketing lists

In Marketing lists section in the main menu users can find their active telemarketing call list.


The view is divided into two tabs: My TM returns and My TM lists. The lists by default show calls assigned to the user. The list can be filter in order to narrow the search results or adjust it to user’s preferences.

My TM returns - the list shows return calls. A return call is a call where response is set to return (with or without return date) or/and where a return data is set but response can be different than return, only calls that are not checked as processed are shown in the list. My TM lists list shows all calls to be made within the target group assigned to the user or by filter settings. Only calls that are not checked as processed are shown in the list.


The following functionality is available:

  • Filter button - you can open and close the filter by clicking on the filter symbol
  • Refresh button - you have to use the refresh button every time the new search is requested
  • Reset filter button - latest search criteria are saved by default, the reset button sets the filter to the initial state
  • Excel button - function for exporting the results to Excel file or sending it directly to recipient by email
  • More button - expands additional functionality (Actions and Options)


It is possible to adjust the results grid to personal preferences:

  • Column width - changing the width of the columns is possible by dragging the boarder on the right-hand side of the column’s name
  • Sort order - when clicking on the column headline, the arrow appears and the sort order can be set


Target group post

The target group post for the call opens after clicking on a row. The target group post is the edit view of the call which is supposed to be made by a user/agent.


The target group post contains information about the phone call which has been made or will be made.

If the call was made, response shall be set according to the result. Notes and comment can be added and return and due date can be set.

When the call is defined as processed, the processed check box can be marked and the target group post will no longer be shown in the users TM lists.