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The Outlook e-mail integration in Sweet enables users to save an e-mail from Outlook into Sweet, with relevant relations automatically added, with just one click. E-mails from both inbox and outbox can be saved from Outlook into Sweet.

With Sweet Office 365 integration users can access and manage their Outlook inbox and sent folder directly in Sweet One. The Email menu shows only user’s inbox and sent folder from Outlook calendar, no data is automatically saved or synchronized into Sweet from Outlook. The user can, however, choose to save an e-mail from the list into Sweet as an e-mail activity. When the e-mail activity is saved in Sweet, the relation is added to matched email addresses in the system.

The Outlook Inbox and Sent folder

The e-mail Inbox and Sent folder in Sweet One show the latest 200 e-mails from the period of last 30 days.


E-mails in the list are highlighted depending on status:

  • New e-mails – highlighted with blue bold text. These are the e-mails that still haven’t been opened or read.
  • Connected e-mail – highlighted as green. These are the e-mails that have been saved from Outlook into Sweet.
  • The two-panel selector is a feature which allows you to work with emails more efficiently. This functionality gives you the possibility to easily work with emails directly from the list. There is a ‘handle’ between two panels which allows the user to adjust the width of each panels, the user has to simply drag the handle to the left or right in order to increase or decrease the width.

The inbox and sent folder can be filtered and searched in by From/To-address, the time period and the subject.

To filter the list, set filter values and click update.

The sort index in the lists can be changed by clicking on a column header, for example, “Received”. The column width in the list can be adjusted by “dragging-and-dropping” the column border in the header.

The Reset button in the upper left corner resets your adjustments and the list is shown in its initial state. resetFilterSmall

Options in the more menu button in the upper left corner allow changes in the filter and column functionality. MoreButtonIconSmall

In the upper right corner, you can create a New e-mail. newEmailSmall

Save an Outlook e-mail into Sweet


To save an Outlook e-mail into Sweet (as an e-mail activity) you click on the e-mail in the inbox or sent folder.

A preview of the email will open in a pop-up where you can review the content of the email, recipients, CC:s and attached files. In the pop-up, it is possible to Save and open or just Save the e-mail as an e-mail activity in Sweet. saveOpenSmall


When saving an e-mail activity, Sweet activity will match From-, To- and CC- addresses to users, contacts, companies and private persons in the system and automatically add relations to matched objects.

Unmatched e-mail addresses will be listed as @ addresses in the Relation tab.

The relation list contains functionality to convert an unmatched e-mail address to a new contact/private person or connect the address to an existing contact/private person.

attachSmall Files attached to the e-mail will be listed under the Attachments tab in the e-mail activity in Sweet.

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in the right upper corner there is a generic button to open email in full width from the Multiview.

The e-mail activity in Sweet


In the e-mail activity in Sweet, you can see overview information in the header.

Here you can also select to Delete the e-mail activity in Sweet (of course the e-mail will NOT be deleted in Outlook).

In the action bar, you can access standard email functionality such as Reply, Reply all and Forward the email as well as mark the e-mail activity as ‘done’.

Tags enable to tag e-mail with different information labels.

Under the More button MoreButtonIconSmall in the action bar the following functionality is accessible:

  • Relate responsible (person) – add a relation to a user
  • Relate contact – add a relation to a contact person
  • Relate company – add a relation to a company
  • Relate private person – add a relation to a private person
  • New case – create a new case from the email activity
  • Relate case – add a relation to an existing case
  • New deal – create a new business opportunity from the email
  • Relate deal – add a relation to an existing business opportunity

In the Content tab the content of the e-mail is shown.

In the Relations tab the objects related to the e-mail activity are visible.

In the Attachments tab files attached to the e-mail are listed.

Send an e-mail from Sweet


It is possible to send an e-mail from Sweet One. New e-mails can be created and send from many different objects and from the e-mail section in the menu.

When creating a new e-mail, the To address will be by default set to the address of object it is created from, for example, company’s e-mail address. If the an email is created from a person without email address or from the E-mail section no To address will be set automatically.

In the e-mail view, it is possible to search for and add recipient, CC and BCC addresses. When the e-mail is saved or sent relations will be created and listed under the Relation tab on the email activity

  • The e-mail’s content is added in the content section.
  • An e-mail sent from Sweet will also occur in your Outlook Sent folder.

See also

You can edit the original email’s content when replying to e-mails in Sweet.